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  • Hey Guys ! I'd like to share a work I've made because I was annoying. But honnestly, I think it is a good idea. As you can see at the title, all guns in BO2 coming from Black Ops 1 have been replaced by Black Ops 1 sounds.
    It includes :

    • Grenades explosions
    • SMGs (AK74u, MP5, M1927, MP-40)
    • ARs (Galil, M14, M16, FN FAL)
    • Shotguns (Olympia)
    • Pistols (M1911, Python)

    Bonus (not really useful, just for the visual) :

    • M1911 Retexture
    • M14 Retexture
    • M14 wallbuy retexture

    Juste Some screenshots of those additionnal textures.
    M14 :
    M1911 :
    M14 Wallbuy

    Download links and tutorials :

    Weapons sounds (356.48Mb)
    (cmn_root.all.sabl is for every gun available in Campaign or in TranZit)
    (zmb_alcatraz.all.sabl is for the M1927 in Mob of The Dead and Origins)
    (zmb_tomb.all.sabl is for the MP-40 in Origins)

    Retextured Weapons (1.11Mb)

    Tutorial for Sounds :

    • (1) - Download the .zip pack
      Step 1
    • (2) - Find your game directory (it contains those folders)
      Step 2
    • (3) - Extract your zip file (where you want)
    • (4) - Drag and drop .sabl files into this path : Your game dir\sound and if Windows asks for replacing your file, just replace then. Step 4
    • (5) - Now start the game.
    • (6) - (Only if you want to get back your original files) Dowload this ZIP file and extract it onto Your game dir\sound folder. Then, restart the game.

    Tutorial for Bonus Textures :

    • (1) - Download the .zip pack
    • (2) - Extract it somewhere
    • (3) - Find your game directory (it contains those folders)
      Step 2
    • (4) - Create a folder called t6r. Inside this folder you need to create a second folder, called data. Into this data folder, you will create a last folder called images
    • (5) - Drag and drop every .iwi file into this "images" folder.
    • (6) - (re)start the game.

    Known issues : (some issues may be added here.)

    • Some weapons are not changed but are in Black Ops 1 (Uzi) / Have got an incorrect sound (STG44 and AK47).
      I won't change those sounds. For the first case, this weapon has the same sound as Skorpion EV0, and this last is usable on Origins. For the second case, STG and AK have both the same sound as Galil, this weapon is used everywhere unlike STG44 (only on Origins) and AK47.
    • My multiplayer weapons have different sounds ( Tac 45, Type-25, Remington, MSMC, etc.)
      Let me explain. The weapons from Call of Duty: Black ops being in Black Ops II don't have their own sound. So, they pick-up it from Black Ops II weapons. (Ex. : The M1911 takes from Tac-45) If you don't understand, two weapons, for one audio file.
    • My M1927 has not the same sound as WaW Thompson
      I thought it used the same audio file but I had to replace it in Origins too. Fixed

    Have you got somes questions or errors needing to be reported ?
    Just add me on Discord and describe your situation : Alpha-Bravo#8731

  • This is great. Thanks for the release!

  • @teammate With pleasure ^^ !

  • @LKurama NICE! i knew someone would do this someday huahua
    every day i try to do something i eventually need to spend time in other stuff, im not even being able to moderate some places were i shouldve, also had this project lying around my folders for months.

    thanks for being able to do it!

  • @AdrX003 No problem I really appreciate doing some things like that ! I am here for you and the community and if you can give me some advices, everything is welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • New Update !

    What's new ?

    • M1927 (Tommy Gun) has been patched in Mob of The Dead. The fact is its rate of fire. BO2's M1927 is faster than World at War's Thompson.

    Btw : I know Origins has not that edited sound. Please be patient it will be fixed soon.

    You can get this patch on the original link (because it has been replaced)

  • @LKurama For some reason
    the sound for the M1927 is fixed in Mob but not in Origins

  • @AdventPyro They probably duplicated the sound. It will be fixed soon ! Thanks for your help.

  • New Update !

    What's new ?

    • M1927 (Tommy Gun) has been patched in Origins.
      I just forgot to replace it.

    You can get this patch on the original link (because it has been replaced)

  • New Update !

    What's new ?

    • Added M14 Wall Chalk, directlty taken from Call Of Duty: Black Ops 1
      I thought it could be a good idea. ( Automatically replaced on the textures links )

    You can get this patch on the original link (because it has been replaced)

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