What was your first real project as a developer?

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  • After months of thinking I'm finally happy to have found something that I really want to work on because it's actually my idea and can have a real use instead of just training myself.

    So I was wondering what was your first real and complete project? Any tips for a noob like me?

  • @lResxt broken ass visual basic windows forms based program for editing save games on the 360. My advice learn from your mistakes, read up on programming patterns, know the five pillars of programming. Don't write shit code ez.

    Don't expect your first piece of software to be brilliant, you always look back at code and think wtf was I thinking, its a continuous evolution.

    Another piece of advice is do something properly, hacks aren't the answer, as they snowball and embed themselves into systems and before you know it the system is cancer and needs a rewrite.

  • @H3X1C My first program ever was a Black Ops II tool for my PS3 (shitty Windows Forms and Metro theme) so we kinda did the same stuff I guess. I already try to always think and follow all the good advices you gave me so I guess I'm on the good way

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