Black Ops 2 freezes, alt-tabs me, and then won't let me back in.

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  • Just like in the title every time I play the game, after maybe about 2-3 minutes the game freezes me and then alt-tabs me. I can still hear the game but every time I click it on the task bar it shows me a black screen for a split second and then alt-tabs me back out. Sometimes I get an unhandled exception error after a bit and it crashes fully. Other times it won't crash and I have to close out of it from the task manager. I have updated my graphics card drivers, have verified the integrity of my game files on steam, have reinstalled the game fully, have repaired VCredist, and have also repaired my DirectX (from the game files). I have also tried to use the console to do r_mode 1920x1080 and then vid_restart and it still ends up crashing. I have even tried inputting r_fullscreen 0 followed by vid_restart into the console that runs alongside the game after it crashes and I get an error and the game closes. This is the error:

    Exception Code: 0xC0000005
    Exception Address: 0x0075A734

    My specs are a Ryzen 7 1700, Geforce GTX 1070, and 16gb ram.

  • @kid_amnesiac did you try switching to windowed borderless in the game options?

    Could be that you have a software with an overlay that crashes the game, or you're using ReShade so uninstall that or one of your PC plugged in device is crashing the game (VR headset, controller, other monitors etc.) so try unplugging non necessary devices

    If none of this work then upload the latest crashdump you have in Google Drive, MEGA or similar and post it here, an admin will review the file whenever they have time.

  • So usually, I have to end the game from the task manager because it physically won't let me alt-tab back in and it never does anything after that. Because of that, there's no crashdump or anything. The only time I do get actual crashes are when I try to input certain commands into the console. I have tried borderless fullscreen and the only difference between that and fullscreen is that borderless doesn't alt-tab me, it just freezes on my screen and doesn't go away. I've tried turning off just about every overlay software on my computer that I can think of and have stopped all of the Oculus VR services even after unplugging the actual headset. The crashdump I get when I input a command is the same as before, which was:

    Exception Code: 0xC0000005
    Exception Address: 0x0075A734

    This issue also persists when playing BO2 normally (without Plutonium).

  • Also it still freezes completely just like in the borderless when I play windowed bordered as well.

  • Every time I try to verify the integrity of my game files, the game also always downloads something for 3.4 MB.

  • I have also noted that, weirdly enough, turning down my settings in game let's me play for way longer before I have frozen and alt-tabbed. With everything maxed out (minus DoF and FXAA) I can play for like 1-2 minutes max but turning certain settings like AA all the way down from TXAA 4x to off lets me play for like 10-15 minutes. It seems to let me play for longer at everything low + 800x600 resolution but it's obviously not as good of an experience as I'd like.

  • I've also tried compatibility mode for Windows 7 and 8 (I'm on Windows 10).

  • I've now even tried to add it as an exception to my Windows Defender and still it does the same thing. However, something weird did happen that fixed my game (until a restart of my PC atleast). While trying to fix my game, it crashed a lot more heavily(?) than usual. My other programs froze and there were a few visual glitches. Everything cleared up pretty quickly and so I launched the game only to see that I could now play. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to replicate this or what it changed that let me play, but after restarting my PC to see if my game was fixed permanently, the regular freezing occurred.

  • @lResxt I've also just now realized that you didn't mean the txt file... oops. I will upload them and post the link here! I have opened them in WinDBG a few times to no avail, but one of them doesn't open so I will link the 2 latest ones I have (caused only by inputting commands into the terminal after having frozen and alt-tabbed already).

    Here is the folder with two DMP files:

    For me the one created on September 4th doesn't open and only the one from September 3rd opens but your mileage may vary.

  • Another thing I've now noticed is that the game seems to work fine on online servers now, but if I launch into a solo match of zombies then the game alt-tabs me and won't let me back in.

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