Microphone Boosting Bug in plutonium client/server

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  • There appears to be a microphone boosting bug in the plutonium client/server, as soon as the client or server window opens, all output from my Blue Yeti Nano is boosted to a point that its almost unusuable. I have disabled the voice input in Black ops 2, however this seems to change nothing, "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" is also disabled.

    I have been able to temporarily remove this issue by reinstalling the drivers for my microphone, but anytime plutonium runs, causes this issue.

    I am attempting to run a server, so if the solution requires ingame setting changes, that may not be possible.

  • Change the value for your mic ingame to match what you use or wait for the next update. Blame the CoD devs to be lazy af and to fuck with your windows settings instead of just changing it for CoD .

  • @DukeofLeet In the upcoming patch the entire voice chat system is gutted. It will no longer attempt to interact with the microphone or change its settings.

  • Well thats good to know, It seems that the reason the "Just mess with and disable the voice settings" fix doesn't work is that I run a dedicated server from home, and it seems that the dedicated server doesn't care much about what I set on the client.

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