Custom Class Bug.

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  • Hello!

    I'd just like to report a little bug that involves the Custom Classes.
    Basically since in Private Match you obviously have everything thing unlocked (duh), and since at the moment, Private Match uses your actual Custom Classes. Well one thing you can do in Private Match is that you can apply Attachments and Proficiency's to any weapon currently unlocked at the level appropriate (for example I'm currently level 20).
    Where if you go back to the main menu and alter your classes, the Custom Class feature works as intended.

    So for example: I go and edit one of my classes in Private Match (lets say I'm making an AK-74u class), the level of the AK-74u is level two. And I see that I can apply any Proficiency, and any Attachment, so I apply the Second Attachment Proficiency, and I put Extended Mags and Heartbeat Sensor on. All well and good right? Well when I go to the main menu and click Custom ClassesI - my new AK-74u class I just created in Private Match now has the Heartbeat Sensor and Extended Mags attachments applied (alongside gold camo).

    Here's a video to see what it looks like:

    If I'm violating any rules please inform me, I did look at the rule post and only thing I see I somewhat come across is the Advertising rule. I only kept the video in this post because I just wanted to demonstrate this bug in a video form in case someone wanted a video example.

    I'm just trying to help!

  • Thank you for your report, especially how in-depth it is combined with the video. We pretty much got rid of "Private Match Custom Classes" and instead, we made them sync. I guess we have a bug in how we handle the private match custom class menu, so it doesn't show what's locked and what isn't. This will likely be fixed in a future update.

    This does not actually give you an advantage: If you join a server with attachments on your gun you have not unlocked, you will not get the attachments when you spawn in-game.

  • Rekt has replied but I'd also like to thank you for the detailed bug report. A video is almost like it's Christmas ๐Ÿ˜›

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    can we have a private chat about the donation Mr-Android

  • @RUNN3R Mr. Android#9053 On Discord.

  • @RektInator
    No worries! And yea I found that out after posting the vlog. I'm just trying my best to assist with certain things. And it is me kinda nit-picking about how the mod could be patched up a little.

    Aha I bet! Like I said as long I'm helping in some sorta way then that's all I care about. Plus I know video examples really help with what someone are trying to report. Plus I know how it feels to be a Admin/Community Manager and someone is putting the Admins on blast with poorly written messages about something being broken or something along those lines x3.

    Keep up the great work fellas!

    P.S I'd also like to donate if possible. Or anything else that means I'm contributing some sort of support towards Plutonium!

  • @slateR Good stuff, up on the top bar on the forum is a dollar note, clicking that lets you donate.

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    Oh! I'm blind - even with glasses on >.<

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