BO2 Zombie DLC

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  • I downloaded Plutonium. I bought BO2. Everything seems to be running smoothly except the dlc. In the lobby I appear to have it, even though there are pink and black squares obscuring most 99% of the screen. I can even go as far to attempt loading the zombie dlcs but it never progresses at all from there. I was reading about this
    "create subfolder" is now called "keep top level directory" in the latest qbittorrent version.
    I didn't get this option from the torrent. Where would this be? Is it so crucial as to delete and reinstall the torrented dlc maps and look for the check box? So many questions...

  • @Trectadactyl the answer is simple: if you don't own install the DLC files somehow then the game cannot load the DLC files. For that either buy the DLC on Steam or follow the T6 DLC guide. If you don't have a menu with subfolder etc. then you either tweaked something or you're running a rather old version of qBittorrent.

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