Any way to configure modded map options on a dedicated server?

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  • There are some WaW maps that have additional menu options (e.g., Backlot's additional difficulty selector), but not a fully customized pre-round start option selection. I wanted to know if there's a way to configure these options on a dedicated server such that it'll launch the map with certain options selected. Thanks!

  • @GUCCI_BLASTER Its possible to do with some modding knowledge. First thing I'd do is dump the map GSC files using something like Jekyll raw file dumper. You'll need a steam copy and the mod loaded to do that. Next you'll need to study the map's GSC files to determine what the pre round start selector actually does to the settings. Likely its dvars but it could also be menu responses if the selector is using .menus to display itself.

    If the map uses dvars you can simply set them to your desired values in your server config, barring the mod doesn't change them after the config loads. If it does you can set them via GSC instead.

    If its not dvars the mod uses to determine the settings at start you'll need to modify the GSC to always use the options you want it to.

  • Thanks! Unfortunately I'm running into an error with compiling Jekyll's asset exporter. I don't know nearly enough about coding to fix it. Would you happen to have a built version, or an alternative program I could use?

    If it's easier to go over this on discord you can reach me at Pilltacular#2999.

  • With JezuzLizard's guidance I was able to get this working. Steps are:

    Open the map's IWD as an archive
    Navigate to ui ->
    Find the dvar name you are trying to change based on some string or by brute force (I recommend Notepad++'s find in files function)
    Add set [dvarname] ["value"] to server_zm.cfg


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