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  • Does someone know how to fix this error ?

    Hunk_AllocateTempMemory: failed on 24883216 bytes (total 15 Mb, low 23 MB, hight 0 MB), need 9154576 more hunk bytes

    Thank you

  • What's your PC's specs? Do you have enough free RAM? Try closing all unnecessary apps running in the background and launching the game again.

  • @HannesC Bit of a necropost I realize, but I've been having the same problem with no end in sight. I have 16GB of ram with plenty available when i have the game open. I've even went into the details tab of task manager to set the priority of plutonium and its bootstrapper to high which should allocate more ram, however to no avail. Any response would suffice because at this point I don't know what to do.

  • @FIRZ Any updates on this? Same problem with good specs.

  • So i first got this error while remapping my keyboard controls. But it ended up giving me a black screen. I couldn't open any other application inculding task manager. I could bring up the task bar with the widows key, and preview windos but it would not switch to them.I had to force shutdown. I also did try the suggested answer above but it didn't seem to do any thing. So i just kept trying to clik the online button every now and then when i wanted to play zombies to try and see if it will let me this time. And on one attempt i decided to use my keyboard insted of my mouse and i was able to get all the way into a game but i wasnt able to move untill i relized what had happend the last time i played. I wanted to remap every single button because i ended up fat finger-ing my keyboard and died because of some controls i didn't know were there. As soon as i try click it gives me there error so all i did to fix the problem was grab one of my xbox controllers(because i had not choched the mapping on the controller side only keyboard) and went into options and reset controls to default. You probably dont need the xbox controller just need to rest default keybindings. Hope this will helps

  • I also need help with [email protected] missing error

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