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  • Hello, today i was playing in a TDM server called ¨Doctors TDM EU¨ and all fine, until a guy named Hypxz appears and starts killing 5 or 6 persons per second, using wallhack and magical bullets, we report him and he keeps saying the same thing... ¨antiban baby¨.
    So, i have 2 videos and a scoreboard to show to you, i will record more to upload but for now i have this.

    Name: Hypxz

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • @BruhGotMad
    I add to the admins who will look at it, in the Proof 1 at sec 0:30 there is a weird target look. I can't say magic bullets but if the enemy team don't have a uav then can be wallhack.
    Can still be the server owner trolling with server side gsc scripts.

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