Crash and lag issues

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  • Hi, i installed bo2 and instantly had a problem with fps. i have a laptop with i5 7200u 940mx 8gb ram 1tb hdd windows 10 home. When im using my 940mx the game runs horrible, 10 fps looking forward and 65 looking down (every resolution and with low graphic settings). i tried everything to improve fps, but nothing, my gpu isn't even that bad, i can run heavy games tho. then i found out that with the integrated gpu (intel hd 620) the game runs perfectly, 190 fps looking straight with the same settings that i tried oin my 940mx. so im finding a way to let bo2 use my integrated gpu. i tried to set everything to integrated gpu in the nvidia control panel but bo2 still uses 940mx. then i went to graphic settings of windows and put plutonium boostrap to battery saving (so integrated gpu) and it actually uses the integrated gpu, BUT, when i start a match, it loads the map screen and then the game crashes and brings me to the first bo2 menu with an error message. ---How can I use my integrated gpu in bo2 without crashing when joining a server? or can i fix the problem with my 940mx that runs bo2 mp and zombie terrible?--- (as i said, other games are fine, it's just plutonium bo2

  • Ps: With 940mx I can join games but I do low fps but with hd620 the game runs perfectly (dunno how I join a game 2 days ago) but I can’t start a game

  • Sounds like you should do a clean install of your GPU drivers with DDU.

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  • @Xerxes so, i updated my hd620 driver but the game runs horrible, 1fps when i start the game, i think the new driver is still not supported, will it be in the future? btw now i'll try to reinstall 940mx and do you recommend to download the LAST nvidia drivers?

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