Migrating from _clientids to custom gsc, crash problems.

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  • Hello. I think this topic fits better into modding support than server host, but tell me if I'm wrong!

    The problem:
    I'm currently migrating from using clientids to custom gsc for my dedicated server, and I'm running into some struggles getting it to work without crashing. Normally I can usually fix most of these issues by myself but this makes me want to pull my hairs out.
    The scripts compile fine without errors and loads without errors, but I've probably made mistakes somewhere, I will try taking a look through them myself later again too when I've rested for a bit.

    Basically it's a couple of memory access violations and this is often out of my knowledge range since I'm much more familiar with the hardware itself.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    Dump pastebin: https://pastebin.com/VancA6gv
    Dump download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WR-76MWwm9urAn3EOTt6gx7ollj-md79/view?usp=sharing
    Server Scripts source: https://github.com/MeguminBOT/Public-BO2-Mods

  • @AutisticLulu Since you moved the code into different independent scripts I recommend trying to load the minimum required amount of scripts to find a baseline of functionality. This way you can slowly add more and more scripts until an error occurs allowing you to more easily track down the error.

    I did notice that you are using fed's plugin, mind you it has not been updated since April so its possible it is no longer compatible with Plutonium.

  • @JezuzLizard Yeah, will be testing everything independently tomorrow and then add the scripts one by one.
    I'm aware of Feds plugin being old, but it currently works but maybe not when loading scripts this way? I'll test that too.

    I'll come back tomorrow with updates when I've tested everything. When the EU players aren't active lol since I reverted to _clientids for now.

  • @JezuzLizard I found the culprits but not sure why they're causing it, probably using outdated/unoptimized functions or something, commit removing the things: Github Commit

    Surprisingly feds gsc-utils works flawlessly still, but just incase I moved the script using it into it's own file for possible future issues.

    Also found some other interesting things.
    Using your config mod loaded through custom gsc not all dvars works correctly, the one I instantly noticed was cmPlayerMaxHealth which never was an issue when used in _clientids,
    EDIT: That was my fault apparently, missed the onplayerspawn functions for health.
    EDIT2: Nevermind, even when adding what I missed it doesn't work,

    Disabling Fog, Lod and Dof through dvars doesn't work either. This infuriates me the most out of all things since I get dizzy when there are Fog/Dof effects,

    So now I need to try to solve these, but I'm not that experienced in coding in general, I kinda understand how they function when I look at it, like it makes sense to me but I can barely write code myself in C# which I think gsc kinda is right?
    If you or someone else could help me try understand the code a bit better that would be very nice.

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