Isn't it pointless?

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  • The new update that allows aim assist for controllers. I was looking forward to this so much but I feel like its pointless unless the devs make it mandatory on every server. Any server admin I am actually able to get through to tells me they have no plans to allow it on their server. Rip

  • @cmcc1075 by default it's enabled on servers. There has been a lot of controversy around implementing aim assist and it showed that there are quite a few people opposed to it so this is probably the best way to satisfy both sides. I'm sure there are plenty of servers that don't have it disabled?

  • @cmcc1075 I get your point but this is actually the best option. As said above a lot of people asked for aim assist while a lot said it would be a very bad decision. So allowing server hosters (players) to have it enabled or disabled is the best decision Plutonium could make.

  • @cmcc1075 its not pointless for peoples like me, who plays offline with bots or in zombies to just chill and shoot the dummies. also im waiting for bot warfare for mw3 to play it as well. for me it is prior to have a feeling of the 2011-2012 when all played on x360. bc i didnt have x360.
    Also theres a bunc hof peoples who have rickshot servers with AA on simply to feel nostalgia.
    sry for bad eng.

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