bo2 origins ee wield a fist of iron step

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  • so me and a couple of other people on a public server did the ee on origins all the way up to the wield a fist of iron step (the part where you have to punch zombies in the dig site) and everyone in the match at that time had the upgraded fists and the step wouldnt end, is that a glitch or did we mess sum up? and if its a glitch is there a workaround?

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  • @wydSyntro Technically this is a vanilla game bug relating to hot joining/leaving. I've had a game ruined a long time ago on Steam BO2 where someone on my friendslist randomly joined the game when I was doing the EE with 2 other friends. He basically just trolled a bit, and then left but since he had joined, the game still considered him for the fist of iron step so it was uncompleteable.

    Certain servers modify the EE to handle hot joining/leaving better though, so I recommend playing on those servers if you want to do the EE on a dedi.

    They could be officially patched for the client when the new GSC compiler is ready, but that won't likely be for quite some time.

  • @JezuzLizard dang that sucks, thanks for the reply tho.

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