How do I put cheats in private match?

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    I just saw that cheat option, I don't know if it's new, but how does it work?

  • @Elbach0co Technically it was always possible to use cheats without that button enabling it. All it does is set the dvar "sv_cheats" to 1 which any host can set in their configs or in the console before it was added.

    In hindsight adding the button doesn't really indicate what you can actually do when its toggled unless you know of what commands/dvars are normally cheat protected.
    These are some dvars you can set by opening the console and typing/pasting the name of the dvar and then a value to set it to. When cheats are enabled you can set probably about 95% of these dvars, instead of only probably 20%.

    There are also a few cheat commands that can be used as well:

    give <weapon_code_name>

    You don't need to worry about getting banned for using these whether by the Plutonium anti-cheat or by a server admin. Using these cheats are 100% sanctioned because they can only be used when the dvar "sv_cheats" is 1, and 99% of servers have it set to 0, meaning no cheat dvars/commands work on those servers. Any cheat protected dvars also reset when "sv_cheats" is set to 0, which happens automatically when either manually setting the value to 0 in the console, or when joining a player/server with it having a value of 0.

  • Thanks!
    And are there only those commands, or are there more? I just need a money command

  • @Elbach0co Unfortunately, there is no money command. You'll need to use a GSC mod to change game mechanics such as that. You can try installing a mod menu following this guide:

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