fixed fps but games still buggy?

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  • hi guys ive just fixed my fps issue and got my fps running at 200 on max settings but the games still buggy/slightly delayed? it runs iw4x and iw5x no problem but for some reason doesnt run this game smooth?

    running a i9 and 2080ti so its not gpu or cpu as far as im aware of? drivers are updated too.

  • @iDeco97 try capping your fps (com_maxfps number via the console) to 125 or smth.

  • @Dss0 said in fixed fps but games still buggy?:

    via the console)

    @Dss0 Ive just tried to do that there and nothing. Even when i drop the fps down to 120 it still feel likes im running it on a potato?

    I can maybe try record a clip to show you what i mean if thats any help?

  • @iDeco97 maybe this could help
    Also try updating your GPU drivers

  • @lResxt hi there mate this is exaclty what ive done following this guide and it helped my fps stopping being capped at 60fps and now runs at 200fps on max settings. Ive also checked and my drivers are updated too.

    You any other ideas?

    id be happy to record a quick clip to show what i mean if thats any use? I run every other game no problem is well.

  • @iDeco97 maybe you're not describing it the right way so a video could help I guess yes. I have no other idea (if you actually tried everything on there especially windowed borderless)

  • hi there mate im probably not so my apologies.Ive just made a quick clip of it and hopefully that shows you. its basically running bo2 like im running a low end pc when in fact ive got a 2080ti and i9 with 32gb ram.

    here a link, for some reason my graphics settings reset when i recoreded but you can see how buggy it is and ive tried the low fps link youve shown.

    Youtube Video

  • @iDeco97 is that actually what it looks like or is that extreme lag caused by your recording software? It's already extremely laggy on your desktop before you even start the game.
    Have you checked your cpu/gpu/ram/disk load while playing? I also noticed your pc is currently installing updates which could result in high i/o load.

    The other thing is that you're running a preview version of windows 11, now we have reports from other people that pluto does work on win11 however these are insider previews so they are prone to bugs.

  • @Dss0 its not fully the video does really make it look alot worse. my load is running low and again even playing high demand games like warzone i dont have any problems. like its literally only this game its doing this on. I dont know its windows 11 that is a possibility.

    even using pluto on mw3 it runs really smooth so im not sure what it is tbh.

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