Call of Duty Online by Tecent

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  • Hello, Sadly Call of Duty Online by Tecent got taken down since the end of August.
    Im One of the very first Players that had accsess to the game since it came out. I Still have all Data from the game Installed and Ready to Install exe files. I already know that the game is basically MW2 but thats not what im asking for. Im Looking into making it come true that everybody can Play their custom Zombies Mode that is pretty awesome. I would like to talk to a developer or somebody that can inform me if this is even possible since the code is in chinese. All i know is that its defenetly not impossible since a friend of mine can easily change the language from chinese to english ingame trough custom modding. greetings

  • @XGCTHX9 Screenshot_7.png Screenshot_26.png btw i have still fully working Login Credentials to make the game work 100%

  • @XGCTHX9 the code itself isn't chinese, strings and comments might be but that's not really relevant for reverse engineering the game.
    The game has a pretty annoying anticheat that would have to be deactivated which isn't that easy.
    Also you would most likely get into trouble with tencent and activision so it's a definite no from us.

  • @XGCTHX9 The way COD:Online was designed makes it incredibly difficult to create a client. Just because you have enough files to play the game doesn't mean you have everything you need for a client. COD:Online was always online, and they took advantage of this by making every match you played be run on a dedicated server they owned. Because of this design they could also remove all files that the client wouldn't need since the client would never host a local game. Meaning GSC, the core scripting langauge, would not be in those files you have.

    TL;DR It would be virtually impossible to make a proper client without server assets.

  • @XGCTHX9 The closest thing we can hope to get in the future as of now is SM2

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