Maxis / Richtofen voices in zombie

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  • Hello, so we've been trying to do the Tranzit secret with some friends but we're not able to hear Maxis or Richtofen voices, making the secret impossible.

    I've done some tests and here's what I've got so far :
    Cannot hear any voices at all when plalying through dedicated server (No playable characters voices/no bus's driver voices)
    Can hear some more voices in custom games but not Richtofen or Maxis voices

    I've also decompiled the sabs file (zmb_classic_transit.english.sabs) and all the voicelines are here.

    Is this a known issue, is there any fixes available yet ?

    Thanks for your help !

  • @Sancora

    Probably a known issue, Dedicated Servers have a few bugs other than that (e.g Paralyzer Fly not working). Hopefully it will be fixed, but I'm not staff, so I don't know if there are plans for that

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