DSR-1 - Infinity Amethyst

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  • Hey everyone! FailLarp / Bepis here.

    This is my first release on the forum. I called it Infinity Amethyst. Loads of trouble is what I had to go through to get these normals working as intended and there's a showpiece for the camo below 🙂

    This camo replaces the Base DSR-1 look, so no other camos are required to be done for it.
    There will be many more releases / packs coming after this, and the way you install it is by dropping all of these files in Appdata/Local/Plutonium/Storage/T6/Images.

    Hope you guys enjoy the new camo and till next time peace out!

    Many thanks to Katelynn and Carpaccio for the help with PS and many thanks to Jaheem and Evolight for the help with the 3D stuff ❤

    Download Here: DSR-1 Infinity Amethyst


  • looks sick

  • Shit looks fire yo

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