[Solved] FontString only in spectator HUD

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  • Hi,
    I'm new with gsc modding and i really don't understand a thing atm.
    When you are in spectator mode, specting someone, you see his HUD (+ some other things es 3d person etc...).
    So if i create some fontString for the player HUD (i.e. a welcome message) even the spectator can see that.
    But in my case that's not a problem.
    Anyway now i want to create a fontString for the spectator HUD only, is it possible?
    Because when i create the message, for the spectator user, it doesn't appear (because he's looking at the current spectating player HUD i think).
    And anyway when the player spawn the message will show up, so it's not a problem of the message itself.
    In short, Is there a way to edit the spectator's HUD and showing some messages only to them?


    -- Edit
    I solved! Just use this property -> message.archived = 0;
    Idk why it works but... it works ♥

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