Quick start configuration guide

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  • Introduction

    This guide is here to point out some useful commands and graphic settings to get IW5 playing at its best.


    You may notice the game looking low res despite having set the correct resolution in the menu.

    • Set image quality to native in the advance graphic setting.

    You also may want to set the game to windowed mode instead of fullscreen. Doing so will allow you to alt tab out of the game easily.


    You may want to customise your fov, ads fov and sensitivity. This can easily be configured within Plutonium.

    • /cg_fov 40 will customise the field of view
    • /cg_fovscale 2 will customise the field of view scale
    • /sensitivity 1 sets your in-game sensitivity, it's better to have low sensitivity.
    • /com_maxFps 250 sets your games FPS cap, by default it's 90. Uncapped can be enabled by setting it to 0 but is not recommended.

    (You have to experiment with these values to get the configuration you desire. Generally a lower fov should be paired with a higher fov scale.)

    Clan Tag

    You can use the following command to set a clan tag as seen in the console version of Call of duty and in newer call of duty titles on PC:

    • /clantag OPTIC
      (You can include colour codes in clan tags)
      Note: to clear a clan tag do the following:

    • /clantag ""

    Custom Card Title Text

    This command can be used to set a custom message on your cardtitle (text overlayed on title).

    • /cardtitle MLG Pro

    Video Guide

    Youtube Video

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