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  • the servers are fucking plagued by hackers. pls fix.

  • @noxiwoxi nah there r just sweattly and good

  • You're just bad mate. Most hackers get banned before even making it into a server. Unless you mean on T6, in which case its a matter of waiting for the update.

  • mr android plutonium admin on his pedestal, fix your trash ass anti cheat. every game i play theres dumbasses silent aiming and walling.

  • @diEcEvo yea i can tell the difference between sweaters and hackers, simply by movement.

  • @noxiwoxi
    First, don't insult staff, you'll end up banned.
    Secondly, you still haven't stated what game you are encountering cheaters on?

  • he insulted me by calling me bad? if you wanna be that childish about it..

    i'm talking about black ops 2, mw3 is nice haven't come across 1 hacker in 3 months and thats excellent.
    maybe think about implementing some sort of vote kick system or whatever, or are you guys are already patching it all soon?
    check out mpgh.net there are hacks being made specifically for plutonium, full on fucking elite gamer hacks like ProtoGenesys.

  • @noxiwoxi They already stated this

    Unless you mean on T6, in which case its a matter of waiting for the update.

  • woops i'm blind, nice though hope they patch it fastttttt

  • @noxiwoxi Easy to miss things. Just remember, we're all human here. They're not getting paid to work on this. Hopefully it's solved soon, just be calm.

  • @Mr-Android I think that the implementation of an anti cheat system for bo2 is very necessary and urgent. Personally, out of every 10 games in which I play 5 to 6 of them, there are players using hacks.

  • @Kalitos All changes we've made need to fit together before BO2 can be updated with AC, Plutonium IW5 was also used to ensure the AC works. I fully agree it's needed, however it's also not a simple job to just create an anticheat.

    @noxiwoxi - I called you bad as your post simply states how servers are "fucking plagued with hackers" without a single shred of evidence to support that. I did assume you were talking about MW3 though, and most players who claim they are seeing hackers in MW3 are actually just bad and cannot accept that other players are better than them. The AC in MW3 does a pretty decent job at keeping hackers out, it's not perfect, no AC is, but it's good. I shouldn't have assumed you were talking about MW3, so I'm sorry for that. However you've since said you were talking about BO2, which fair enough, you probably have seen a fair few. You seem to understand that we're working on it though so thanks for your patience.

  • what a courteous group of admins on this board.

    i loved bo2 and had about 120 days played on it when i finally quit.

    this game has a massive problem with wall hackers. i played 3 games on 3 different servers and i have ghost on and people are preaiming me thru walls.

    not gonna take the time to record any of that crap as i quickly uninstalled.

    Maybe this is why you have a "community" of about 300 players. oh well it was worth a shot.

  • @Spanque this topic is a year old, back then t6 didn't have an anticheat and had issues with cheaters. Nowadays this has changed. We take every cheater report seriously so please create a new topic and provide proof, if the player is indeed cheating then he'll be banned. Thing is that 99% of the reports we get here that include proof do not show anyone actually cheating but just people being good at the game.
    I also preaim because i have memorized where people spawn or camp after playing the game for 350 hours.
    Anyways, locking this thread as it doesn't really have any relevance a year later.

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