Can't spawn in

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  • Saw in the FAQ that there is an issue with some maps and how they handle the start of the game (probably choosing game mode/settings/etc.). However I've opened up the servers list and seen those same maps being played by others before.

    Was wondering if there was a fix yet or at least a console command that can restart the game.

  • You're probably talking about you being stuck on spectator mode and not being able to spawn in? Well that's because the server probably has the minplayer dvar set to 2 or something else (minimum no. of people required to start the game).

  • @HannesC We had 4 players ready to start, but we were all stuck in spec. People would leave, others would join. I think it happens on maps that ask you to pick gamemodes, but the prompt needs to be fixed when joining in progress.

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