Challenge Verification Failed

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  • for the last two weeks ive tried to play MW3 i constantly get Challenge Verification Failed. I have read other topics on the forum, restarted router and modem, reinstalled the game, and reinstalled Windows, and i still get the error. Ive also tried on a different connection (my phone hotspot) and got the same thing. Even tried making a new account thinking it might've been an account issue, problem persisted. Tried on my fiance's PC on her account, still failing.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, Black ops 2 works perfectly fine but MW3 doesnt.

    Any help would certainly be appreciated.

  • I did talk with the devs, the code that is used is the same in all 3 games.
    The only possibility they can come up with is an performance issue on your end since the threading is different in both games.

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