Game crashes when joining a friend

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  • Hello guys!

    I've recently installed Plutonium and have been trying to play with friends in private matches. However, the game crashes as soon as I enter the match (at the end of the loading screen) and I only get a glimpse of the actual match right before the game closes with an error message. The message closes about 3 seconds after it appears.

    I tried running the game as admin, I tried uninstalling MSI Afterburner, I also tried to reset my stats using the "resetstats" command, but no luck, the game still crashes upon joining my friend. I also need to say that joining the same friend in Zombie Mode works fine, and joining a server in Multiplayer Mode works too.

    Here's the crash dump the game generated.
    [0_1588697177970_05_05_2020_06_38_12.dmp](Uploading 100%)

    Hoping to play soon!

    Thanks in advance,


  • Welp, it looks like I can't upload the crash dump to the thread so I don't really know how I could share it....

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