Bot Warfare With Friends In Private Matches

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  • Hello, I am having a blast playing with Bot Warfare mod on my own but is there any way my friend can play with me as well? I had him download and install the mod as well but when he tries to join he says that the server does not have fast download. As I am not running a server is there any way we can play with each other if we both have the mod? I am aware that there is a Bot Warfare server and we have played on there but people just start camping the bot spawns and spawn killing them over and over. This may be fun for a little while but it gets boring rather quick, If there is a way please let me know so that we can have the bots play different game modes and maps thanks!

  • @BartOctane I'm hosting an EU Bot Warfare server with normal difficulty found to be close to average players and I never saw people spawn killing bots so maybe the server you're talking about has a low difficulty? Lmk if you're interested in joining the server.

    To answer your question I'm not sure if you can host a custom game with this mod but you can host a private dedicated server for sure. You don't even need a VPS or anything. I can help you with the setup if you want.

    Add me on Discord to join my server or get help setting up yours (public or private): #Resxt5079

    Again I have no idea about custom games so if that's what you want you're gonna have to wait for someone else to answer. You can also add me to test joining each other if your friend is unavailable. Good luck!

  • @lResxt For sure man I would love to help you test out the server and if you could help me set up one just for my friends and I to mess around in I would greatly appreciate it. I sent you a friend request on Discord BartOctane#5108

  • @lResxt Added you on discord, I have the same problem

  • @BartOctane @Revo-123 I took the time to look into it. If you're still looking for this I made a guide for it

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