how to make more people playing on Plutonium ?

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  • I remember that on Repz (that's pretty old, about 2017 i guess on iw4x) there was a lot of people, but on Plutonium there is way less players, so how to make more people playing on Plutonium ?

  • We're hoping to get players from CoD4 Promod onto MW3 Promod but we're still waiting on fixes at Plutonium to make it work. The players won't play on it regularly like it is now.

  • @luciole I already talked with mr android about that more or less, the promotion is missing, but they will do it. Atm they cant because the client gets like weekly new updates and things, so if you would do a promo video for yt it would be outdated after 1 week!
    So just play it regulary, Upload Videos and stuff on your Twitter and YouTube, Share it to your Friends ... sooner or later the client will be big, because there will be so many things which will come to this client ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Greetings Rosamaha

  • well keep sharing it and tell your friends about that

  • Promote videos and say why Plutonium is the better choice

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