Missing Zombie DLCs

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  • So...
    About a year ago I set up plutonium on my computer, and there was one problem that I ran into.
    When I try to enter a private Zombies match on any of the DLC maps, the image shown in the lobby, where there is supposed to be a splashart of the map that was loaded. (where you get to choose which map you want to play, where it shows icons around the destroyed earth of all of the playable maps.) Instead of showing the background, the whole screen gets covered in a checkered board in turquoise and grey. When I try to launch the maps, the progress bar remains at 0% and the game remains in that state. I don't own any of the DLCs to the regular Zombies and I can imagine the missing files are causing this problem. Is there somewhere I can download all of the DLC files and add them into my basegame directory?

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  • @Byggare-Bob running piry.exe (our installer) will provide you with the files.

  • im having the same promblem

  • @mc23720ram Then follow what H3X1C said and run piry in your bo2 folder. It includes the dlcs.

  • This topic is 5 months old, how did you even find this? Create your own topic in the future.

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