French BO2 with plutonium

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  • Hi guys,

    I want to play with a french version of BO2 but unfortunately the plutonium torrent is in english and it's impossible to switch language.

    After a few researches I found two solutions :

    • Buy the game on Steam (I'm broke)
    • Install a french version of BO2 with Fitgirl Repack

    I have obviously installed the game with the fitgirl version and almost everything is working in Multiplayer Mode so that's cool but in zombie mode there are some bugs. Every voices are "muted" even in the cinematics (except the zombies voice ofc) and some texts are glitched in the menus (origin_bug_menus) but the most annoying bug is that I can't see some items prices like this (origin_generator_bug) but not all the time (origin_door_fine)

    So is anyone encoutered the sames issues than me ? Is there a patch or a method that I missed ?

  • @Shizabinks Either buy the game on Steam or use the torrent and add french files to it. You can easily find french files on the internet
    As for your current install I think this bug occurs with any language file with Plutonium but I'm really unsure about this. You'll have to wait for someone else to answer on that topic

  • Thanks for your reply @lResxt !

    I've just tried the "patch method" with the plutonium torrent but unfortunately it's worse than the fitgirl one now I have somes bugs in the menus too... menu_bug

    I had thinked to buy the game on Steam in the first place but the game costs ~40€ ! Sheesh

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