Crash dumps

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  • Exception Code: 0xC0000005
    Exception Address: 0x006FBE67

    I've tried loading a mod to play with friends, it works for all of them but I can't get it to work even after doing exactly what they did. All the game provided me with is this crash report. plz help

  • @xxt035xx Could be that you have a software with an overlay that crashes the game, or you're using ReShade so uninstall that or one of your PC plugged in device is crashing the game (VR headset, controller, other monitors etc.)

    If none of this work then upload the crashdump located in a crashdump folder in the Plutonium folder in %localappdata% and post the link here

  • How would I upload the crash file? I found it but the forum wont let me drag the file in

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