Death Machine Powerup

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  • Hi , 2 days ago i installed three mods following this guide :
    and it worked perfectly , but i just want to ask if there is a way to install the Death Machine powerup cause i searched everywhere but i can't find any script or code for that powerup , i'm not to able to make a script for my self so if someone of u can link me the code or just make a new one for me , btw i think it would be funny have death machine powerup in origins for example.
    sorry for my english btw and have a nice day!

  • @James_Gallo The only map with the death machine weapon is mob. You'd need to be able to import the weapon to the maps you want to use it on with a fast file linker that creates a fast file that contains the weapon asset for the game to load.

    There isn't a fast file linker right now.

  • oh ok i understand , thank you for ur answer! i just forgot that the death machine powerup is on BO1.

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