[Release] Skin pack v8- Rubberized Black&Gold

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  • heyo 👋

    definitely my worst pack so far, some guns really annoyed me and just wouldnt work the way i wanted it but decided to just leave it the way it is.

    started this in july and now its finally done, my only barrier was motivation. finishing a full gun only takes about 30 minutes including taking screenshots but it still took me 5 months.

    this is probably the last pack/camo/skin i will release this year, its been fun, ive learned a lot about texturing and t6 in general, seeing you guys releasing some awesome camos really inspired me, @Haisa is definitely one of them!

    But not only camos, also custom main menu's, sounds, loading screens, player models, map retextures and so on, the possiblities are unreal!

    Anyways, here they are:

    starting off with the worst ones..

    QBB LSW:
    QBB LSW.png






    Each folder contains:

    • A screenshot of the weapon
    • The .DDS files ( for whatever reason )
    • The .IWI files, drop these in storage/t6/images!!!!
    • The .spp file, not the original weapon model but my modified one in case you want to modify them to you liking or just take a look at them (only works with substance painter!!)

    Reshade is used for the screenshots on BO2 Redacted.***

    Huge thanks to Haisa for making this all possible ❤

    Wanna know how i did this or got any questions at all? feel free to dm me on discord Evolight#9171

  • @M0untainLight6 FEEL FREE TO DM? THANKS

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