I think I might stick with this game for a while

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  • Genuinely, its the most fun I've had in a long time. It seems this COD got it down Right, And its safe, streamline, and Superb. I also wanna thank The Pluto team for adding the AK74U, its one of my favorite COD guns of all time, this iteration they made is nasty as hell: hits like a truck that drank creatine and Redbull

    Also, The game runs so well on the computer that I have, Its crazy, the servers are incredibly fast and connected its mind numbing.

    To Plutonium, Thank you, and Excelsior! Amen!

  • I completely agree with you. They went above and beyond just to support older cod genres. It's amazing at the fact of what they decided to do. Thanks to all the Admins, Moderators, and Staff Members. I'm glad y'all have all done this for the community

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