Can't prestige to prestige master (normal leveling)

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  • I have grinded myself to prestige 10 level 55 with the xp bar maxed out and there is no option to enter prestige master. I have seen that this has happened on console around 8 years ago and maybe it carried over here.

    Could you guys please look into this? Because I don't want to use the unlock all feature.

    Please do not unlock everything in my account. I know you guys probably dont do that, but I am scared to lose all of my progress.

    Kind regards

  • @Oggyerino maybe restarting wil fix the issue or playing another complete match?
    If it doesn't you can manually set your prestige without unlocking or losing anything with this command

    statsetbyname plevel 11

    As for the bug you'll have to wait for a staff to answer. Maybe this is a known issue.

  • @lResxt Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

    I have played multiple matches so its not that. I think its just a bug and its not that weird that it havent been discovered since most people use unlockall.

  • Just gonna wait until staff checks this out before doing anything

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