My thoughts on The gunsmith in MW3 IW5, and why its better (Also Gunsmith Tips)

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  • Ya got year New COD guns with 5 to 10 attachments that look like a super soaker but have no recoil, no aim shake, and incline you to camp.

    This system however still gives your gun's limitations and still needs you to utilize your gun skill, increasing the skill gap but lowering the skill ceiling, a perfect balance. The Proficiencies are Great.

    Oh btw, MP7 with tough and suppressor/RF/Extend Mag is nuts. AK74U with Rapid Fire is very difficult to control without Kick Or Tough, just use Extended Mags with tough, its fine just like that. RF with Tough however (If you're built different) can be a Laser beam if the recoil is controlled with the 74U. Be Weary, though.

    Oh, and for anybody that's new, Rapid Fire hurts your Recoil, Muzzle Flash, Damage, Range, and Hipfire Spread. just stick With EM or Suppressor, its better if ya know what you're doing.

    Have A Good One! Excelsior!

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