online only drm

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  • Online only drm is a real cancer.
    Cancer can be sometimes be cured with chemo therapy.
    Pure offline mode should be a priority so we can play in peace .
    John Carmack never released anyting thats online only.
    And Call of Duty is his code.
    Sorry to bring this up but that how I feel.

  • If you want it to be a priority, make a feature bounty for that. If you don't, you don't have the right to complain since the devs aren't getting paid for this, have very little time to work on it considering their actual lives/jobs and the feature's gonna get done eventually, since it's already a planned feature.

  • Fair enough .Ihave been trying to play offline for a year
    I only play iw5.Sometimes it works .When in-lan mode the server crashes when i pick attachments for weapons.
    I like to play it unmodified with botwarfare offline only leveling up like iw4x.
    I even reversed the fps to the original value.
    Dont like reshades and camos.
    I do understand that u guys are busy but its frustrating when the client is so good and cant be played offline.
    And I am very thankfull for this client .
    Anyways thanks for the reply.

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