Revenge. Ever had it?

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  • I see this is the OT section so I hope this post will fit in.
    Lately I have been playing BO2 on ps3. Still playable, but there's modders from time to time. Not as a nice place as here, obviously.

    I'd like to share with you the joy I have when I manage to have modders banned on playstation. Happened only a few times in my ~8 years of playing bo2 but it's great.

    What's even greater however is when you meet modders who use the same account on a PS4.
    Them getting banned means they lose progress on a lot of modern games, and probably also the money they spent on the ps plus subscription.
    You can recognize them by the "+" logo on their profile. Basically my routine consists in spending 3 minutes doing what I have to do to report them before turning the console off.

    Does this make me a bad person? Maybe a nerd who has never touched grass and cares about this too much? I can tell you I have a life, friends, job, etc, I'm not a loser, but still I like this revenge. Because those people ruined my favourite game. And spending 3 minutes of my day to ruin their accounts is worth it.


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