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  • español: hola, soy nuevo en esto de los foros y el día de hoy ocupo su ayuda, tengo un amigo que tiene problemas de "delay " no es muy grave, pero a largo plazo llega a cansar, tanto así que dejamos de jugar para evitarlo, para los que no sepan que es "delay" es un tipo de retardo con la acción del jugar ejemplo. pulso w y tiempo después se mueve el personaje

    English: Hi, I'm new to this on the forums and today I am using your help, I have a friend who has problems with "delay", it is not very serious, but in the long term it gets tired, so much so that we stop playing to avoid it, for those who do not know what "delay" is, it is a type of delay with the action of playing example. put w and time later the character moves or the character runs without me pressing "w"

  • I was actually getting this problem in the starting. But now it runs fine. Maybe try reducing the graphics quality. My game was crashing on high graphics cuz of my sh*t laptop. I reduced them. Then it worked fine.

  • @JHN28 The delay is not caused by Plutonium it's you / your settings. Here's what you can do:

    • If you play with a Bluetooth controller try plugging it in instead or if you play with a wireless mouse try plugging it in too.
    • Disable v-sync in-game
    • Try switching between fullscreen and windowed fullscreen
    • Update your GPU drivers
    • Install Direct X
    • Lower your graphics settings
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