Odd issue with the game - Server Browser

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  • Basically, from what I've seen from other people, there are supposed to be upwards of 100 servers in the server browser, if I'm not mistaken.

    I happen to have only 20~ish at a time. Any ideas for a fix?

    What I have tried -

    *checked the files trough steam

    *Deleted the plutonium folder from %appdata% local folder & let it reinstall.

    *Added it + all of the versions of the .exe to the exception list of Windows Firewall

    *Ran the .bat file called "Exclusions" but didn't manage to run it without any errors.

    *Reset all of the filters in the server browser
    Server browser.jpg

  • @Skullwub that is a problem of your internet.

  • Likely a network related issue, try restarting your router.

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