I can't start the game

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  • Hello, as indicated in the tutorial, I downloaded the basic T6 game for plutonium, I connected the path each time, fine. When launching the game, the game closes and nothing more ... So I went to see if my anti-virus had blocked it, but I have no anti-virus active, not even windows defender , everything is deactivate. When I relaunch the game a second time, it now tells me that a dll file is missing. which was not lacking before .. what to do ??? thanks in advance

  • @NeWorld Post a screenshot of the error

  • Capture d’écran (3).png Capture d’écran (2).png Capture d’écran (4).png

    Here is my access to the game, it is good. I also check to have downloaded the right version of directX, it's okay. I was careful to have the correct T6 folder, it's OK, I was careful to have ALL anti-virus disabled, and it's okay. BUT the game still does not want to launch .... what more ???

  • @NeWorld missing directx files, did you install directx from within the redist folder (DXSETUP.exe)?

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