Performance issue

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  • I'm getting a stable 400 fps on plutonium rn according to the fps counter, but somehow the game feels like I'm playing on like 50 especially when I move around my mouse. Any ideas on how to fix?

  • Can you record a video of your issue?

    Maybe also include some more details about your setup:

    • What version of Windows do you use?
    • What mouse do you have?
    • Do you play on a laptop or a desktop?
    • What's the polling rate of your mouse?
    • Do you play in windowed, windowed fullscreen or fullscreen mode?

    Please include anything you could think of that could be relevant for us to resolve the problem.

  • I can't take a video at this moment sorry. but here's the info you requested

    windows 10 version 21h1
    mouse hyperX pulsefire haste
    1000hz polling rate
    fullscreen 1920x1080

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