LAN Mode On Dedicated Server

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  • Just have a few questions regarding modding server side.

    1. Seems like I can only connect to my server through online mode. LAN gives me an authentication error "could not verify ticket "offline" for user with id 28772: invalid length".
      So does this mean I can only connect through online mode? Even if it's just through my local network? Any mods I put in %localappdata% shouldn't get me banned, right? I'm just a little confused on that part.

    2. I'm trying to get a mod menu working for me and someone who shares the same local network with me on a dedicated server (not port forwarded). I've modified the menu so it gives everyone who connects cohost, verified, VIP, and admin, but for some reason the other person on my network can't use the mod menu. This has been the same for a handful of other menus too. Tried it with him being host and I couldn't access the mod menu anymore. Which leads me into question 3:

    3. If I have a mod on a server (like the mod menu), does everyone else have to download that mod too and put it in their client mod folder?

    Here's the code I use to give everyone cohost, verified, vip, etc.

    	self endon("disconnect");
    	level endon("game_ended");
    		self waittill("spawned_player");
    		self freezecontrols(false);
    		self thread BuildMenu();
  • @Tann3r_ You don't need to use a dedicated server to run GSC mods. You can load the mod in localappdata, and it will only be active if you are host. I recommend trying the unmodified version of the mod menu when you are hosting a game.

  • @Tann3r_ Are you really sure you need a dedicated server? Dedicated server is for 24/7 public servers. If you just wanna play with a mod menu with your friends it's way easier to just create a custom game which will automatically give you the mod menu (since you will be the host) and then give it to your friend via the mod menu Player sub menu.

    I'm not sure if the mod menu you linked allows the host to give the menu to other players.
    If that's not the case you can find another or try this one that I posted that has the feature

  • @lResxt I don't necessarily need a dedicated server, no. I primarily just set it up because I wanted to do some mod development. I've been programming for almost a decade now. Figured it'd be fun to see what I can make in bo2.

    I tried that mod menu before, but I have the same problem with trying to give people host. They'll be able to open the menu, but then it will bug out. No items show up, the menu freezes on screen, etc. That mod menu also causes a crash for some reason.

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