Upscaling T6 Zombies Textures

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  • Me and a few other modders are interested in upscaling zombies textures for every BO2 map, and would be grateful for any tips/advice. I have upscaled the MOTD ipak, but we would ideally like to upscale every useful texture to make the game look as good as possible. Our process for upscaling the textures is as follows:

    1. Extract ipaks from zone folder of T6 using Greyhound as pngs.
    2. Upscale the png using Topaz Gigapixel AI (usually 4x scale using the Lines AI model, but sometimes Art & CG might be better for lower res and darker textures).
    3. Convert the upscaled png to DDS using "Image Converter" from the Windows store.
    4. Convert the upscaled DDS to iwi using an iwi-DDS converter.
    5. Place the upscaled iwis into the images folder of T6.

    Upscaling MOTD was simple and fruitful; however, because many textures in zombies maps are reused, upscaling DLC 2 ipak did not upgrade the entire visual experience. Therefore, we would like to identify and upscale every zombies relevant texture without changing colours/altering the texture in any way so that the zombies experience remains the same but the graphical experience is enhanced.

    The base ipak has 13,300 textures, so upscaling all of them would be a week long process and the file size would be rather big. I read that apparently upscaling every texture isn't feasible because the game can only read a certain amount of data or something? Therefore, we think it is necessary to identify zombies specific assets and then solely upscale those.

    If anyone can help us identify the zombies assets, help improve the upscaling process, or even just say it is unfeasible, please let us know. We also have a discord server just for this project in case anyone would like to join the mission.


  • Contact me on Discord, it seems as you and i share a common interest and im already doing some of this for multiplayer in my spare time right now.
    Ive also been using topaz but im also using photoshop too.
    id love to see the progress yall got going so far and id love to contribute in any way i can
    My discord: Zolar#9138

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