Zombies problem

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  • Hi
    I have a problem in bo2 zombies when I play the game suddenly minimized and wont pop up and I see the consle and it says
    Loading fastfile en_dlczm0_load_zm Loading fastfile en_dlc1_load_zm Loading fastfile en_dlc2_load_zm Loading fastfile en_dlc3_load_zm Loading fastfile en_dlc4_load_zm Loading fastfile en_dlc0dd_load_zm Loading fastfile en_seasonpass_load_zm Unknown command: "session_rejoinsession" Unknown command: "resetCustomGametype" Unknown command: "resetCustomGametype" Unknown command: "resetCustomGametype" Unknown command: "resetCustomGametype" Unloading fastfile ui_zm Unloading fastfile en_ui_zm Unloading fastfile patch_ui_zm Loading fastfile zm_tomb_patch Loading fastfile zm_tomb Loading fastfile en_zm_tomb Loading fastfile so_zclassic_zm_tomb Loading fastfile en_so_zclassic_zm_tomb server is changing maps, resetting stored team states... client with index 0 connected. client with index 0 connected.
    oh and I do all the things should I do like
    repair game files
    turn off antivirus
    open in lan mode

  • I have the same problem, turned on UPnP and opened the ports in the router and nothing, try it and you, suddenly you will succeed.

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