Command Line Parameters

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    Our new launcher itself supports a few Command Line Parameters, it supports passing through command line parameters as well!

    Launcher Command Line Parameters

    At the moment the launcher only supports 2 Command Line Parameters, these two can be combined. However its not possible to use the same


    Which skips login, file validation and news, which should ONLY be used for offline environments like LANs without any Internet.


    Which allows to directly start a game.

    • --game=iw5 for PlutoIW5.
    • --game=t6 for PlutoT6:MP.
    • --game=t6zm for PlutoT6:ZM.

    Passing Command Line Parameters to the game

    This can be handy to disable / enable certain things either we or the original developers added to the game.
    The launcher will pass any unknown Command Line Parameters to the game executable, so adding -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms to your launcher shortcut will pass those parameters to the game.

    Your shortcut should look like this:

    At the moment the launcher will complain about unknown Command Line Parameters, but this debug feature will be removed soon.0_1531412563546_8a3a7724-f119-4030-87b4-0089dd0065a7-grafik.png

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    Eventually the launcher will support parameters, similar to Steam's method of handling it.