Steam Achievements and Playtime

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  • So basically awhile back Plutonium would add to my steam playtime and let me earn cards (don't know about achievements but I'm assuming It would If I got cards), but now it doesn't do those things, Steam doesn't even say I'm playing Plutonium anymore, so is this a bug or intentional?

  • @bossman Steam should say that you're playing Plutonium if Steam is up and running before you start the game through the launcher.

    For playtime it might be possible since I saw people say they had it but I'm really unsure, I would say no. For achievements I'm almost sure you cannot unlock BO2 achievements with Plutonium but I'm not a Plutonium dev so you should wait for an official answer.

    Just letting you know that it's probably not possible

  • @lResxt I looked and back in September I got 3 cards for the multiplayer client even though I only played on Plutonium, I even have 110 minutes played. I specifically remember when I got those cards because I was happy plutonium was connected to steam properly.

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