Wonder Weapon Mob of the Dead

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  • Hey guys, first of all, sorry if I'm writing in the wrong section, I'm new here so I don't really know well where things go.

    I was playing mob of the dead and trying do make the Blundergat, but when I threw the Hell's Receiver at the skulls, nothing happened. I did it to the 5 skulls thinking it would work anyway but it didn't. I'd like to know if it is possible to be done or not.

    Same thing with the Hell's Redeemer, after I killed the zombies in the roof using the Hell's Receiver and threw it on the hole, it just came back to me, instead of upgrading.

  • Works fine for me, if you were playing with other people then someone else might've done the skulls before you. For the Hell's Retriever Upgrade, you probably didn't do all the steps on the bridge (even I sometimes am 100% sure I did them but still fail to throw it into the pit, and thus have to go back and do it again).

  • Thanks man, i'll try again!

  • @biladinhaemti I got the same thing. It didnt spawn and then we couldnt do the easter egg. I have zombie ++ on my server, could potentially be the cause.

  • I dont think bumping posts is allowed, also maybe remove all your plugins/mods.

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