Banned because of cheat engine

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  • Hi, i thought Pluto had no such anti cheat like MW3 Steam had so i tried to mess with some game values while being ingame like changine the sun color for example using cheat engine. I wanted to do this for editing, i really love config edits since a while thats why I wanted to try this out. I did not even work out yet cuz I was still checking the addresses for the sun color but I got banned before i was finished doing exaclty this.
    Now, is there a way to get unbanned? I honestly did not cheat using aimbots or wallhacks or something, which should be clear from the demo which I can not access but I think some admins do? As I said I was just changing address values using cheat engine.

    I hope you trust me and help me, I honestly didnt hack or something, I was literally just messing around with cheat engine. It would be great to be unbanned.

  • No, you could have enabled sv_cheats 1 or disable the AC by starting in offline mode. It's your own fault ending up being banned for something that doesn't even require cheatengine in the first place.

  • Ok that sounds fair. Then i will just play the game and fuck the editing part. Is there a sandbox of mw3 where i can just try to mess with the game without hurting any other players nor getting banned?
    Just for demos?

  • @swrcvendetta well this is the second time you don't read the anticheat page. It clearly mentions what gets you banned and how to run the game without the anticheat

  • Alright, I am sorry, I just read what happens when you get banned and what will happen to you right after, like when you get perma banned and the extend of the tim being banned. I am sorry, I clearly should have read the full page. My bad.

    I want to add one thing: I am NOT a cheater, I did cheat once like 9 years ago and it absolutely ruined my gaming experience thats why I completely dont like cheating in games myself. I might got banned but I swear by god I wasn't using any kind of cheat software that gives me an advantage against other players and/or ruins their gaming experience. Just to make this clear.

    Thank you for your replys and have a good day!

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