Perma Jug doesn't go away after round 15?

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  • Noticed after installing mods that perma jug didn't go away after round 15 so I uninstalled all mods and loaded into solo and went to round 15 and the losing perma perk sound plays but I didn't lose it because I was still getting hit 5+ times without going down. Is this just an issue with plutonium? Fairly certain no mods are causing this because I double checked all files and the bootstrapper before launching and there were 0 mods loaded. To add to this the health fixes itself if I down with Quick Revive.

  • @Dragon115 It has always worked like that. When you lose the perma perk you don't lose the health until you down.

    Though on dedicated servers you can't lose perma perks so even if you down you still keep it. This is because servers do not set players stats.

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