How can I change the location where is my game installed?

  • I recently did the BO2 installation on my PC, but then I realized that I had accidentally installed it inside an external hd that was connected to the PC. Before realizing this, I downloaded the Plutonium Launcher and selected the location where the game was installed (inside the external hd).
    My question is: now I have the game installed on my internal hd, but when I open the plutonium launcher it does not give me the option to change where BO2 is, which results in the "invalid patch" error. How can I change on Plutonium launcher
    the location where is my game installed?

  • Project Moderator

    For now the launcher doesn't have the functionality to change paths but will soon. For now do this: Open open regedit and navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Plutonium\Launcher
    Delete the T6 entry