Tranzit maxis solo easter egg

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  • I installed below mod. I placed the turbine near the navcard table place and let an avogadro come in between the fences. Then I killed him with an EMP grenade. However, I believe I keep getting this message:

    "Ah! Your power supplies are drained, now start again. Portable power devices are running out. You will have to re-do a step. Hurry! You have left power to drain below acceptable levels. Return to the previous locations."

    After placing the turbine near a flickering lamp post, I get this message:

    "You have done well. Now activate the spires' power. Are you circumcized? Oh, hold on. That's it."

    I'm not sure how the EE normally works but how do I complete it with the solo MOD? Could somebody either text explain or make a video or something? Much appreciated.

    Re: [ZM][Release]Solo Maxis Tranzit

  • i have the same issue, i did get the navcard in tranzit into the table though. did u ever find a solution?

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